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I hope everyone is having a good year, as a cyclist my go to morning ride is from Upper Largo to Bowhouse and back by Elie. I use the back roads as much as I can and tend to set off at 6 in the morning as the main roads get very busy after 7 am. The short but very pretty route by Newburn is quiet and then a short section on the main Elie road before a left turn through the quaint village of Kilconquhar, turning right at the end to take me back to the main coastal road to Elie, with Bowhouse to the left. Back through Elie and then picking up my Newburn “bypass”! Even on this short route there are all sorts of things to see and do such as the award winning Kinnuchar restaurant in the eponymous (although with altered spelling!) village it has just been voted the top rural restaurant in the UK by The Good Guide, that well respected long running guide. I mentioned Bowhouse of course where there is always a mass of things going on, from the regular monthly markets to photographic exhibitions and not forgetting all the wonderful small businesses  based there. The butchery using all the organic produce for the estate, Baern café with its quirky attitude and excellent baking. Futtle brewery and the organic market garden, to name but a few.

Kilconquhar is a lovely village with its little lochan, it reminds me of an English village with its church tower. Elie itself has a wonderful beach not to mention several great eateries including The Ship In and the simpler Pavillion.  The idea of this website is to encourage greater awareness of the beautiful region and we hope to help us to create a safe road for all cyclists without having to go at 6 am!


This is my first post so forgive any mistakes!  and do let me know what you think. I will follow up with more stories and news and some images

Christopher August 23